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L&O rpg accepting applications, including Brian Cassidy!

Are you a fan of the Law & Order shows (TOS, CI, SVU, TBJ or Conviction) who also likes to write and/or roleplay? Ever try to get into your favorite character's brain or maybe wonder what it would be like to interact with your favorite character? Maybe you watch episodes and think 'I could have solved that!' or 'I could try that case!' If you've ever thought of these things, Law & Order: Special Issues Unit lawandorder_siu could be the place for you.

We are a roleplaying game that seeks to follow the show format: while there is lots of social interaction among our characters, detectives also solve cases and lawyers get to try them.

We are accepting applications for the following canon characters:

TOS: Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, ADA Connie Rubirosa

SVU: Det. Elliot Stabler, Det. Olivia Benson, Det. Fin Tutuola, Det. Brian Cassidy, Det. Monique Jeffries, Dr. George Huang, Dr. Melinda Warner, ADA Casey Novak

CI: Det. Bobby Goren, Det. Megan Wheeler, Det. G. Lynn Bishop

TBJ: ADA Tracey Kibre, ADA Kelly Gaffney, DA Investigator Hector Salazar, DA Investigator Chris Ravell,

Conviction: Christina Finn, Jessica Rossi, Jim Steele, Nick potter, Billy Desmond

Original characters, or other recurring characters are also welcome to be applied for. Original characters need not necessarily be cops or lawyers--"support staff" like CSU or TARU techs, uniforms, etc, can also be applied for.

Feel free to comment with any questions you might have....Applications thread can be found here!

OZ DVD's in Australia

OZ: Season one DVD was FINALLY released in Australia last week.

It is: $45.99 at Sanity
       $36.98 at JB Hi Fi
       $36.80 at Big W

It can be rented from Civic Video, Video Ezy and network Video Stores.

Series two is due for release on May 15th.

Big W has said they will continue stocking the DVD's as they come out if the first one sells well, so SPREAD THE WORD about OZ. Post it in your Livejournal and tell your friends. 

Fans have waited so long for this GREAT series to come out on DVD for us, so PLEASE help. 


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Hey all, not that long ago i was talking to someone about creating a Dean Winters fansite and unfortunately i cannot remember who that was! If it was you, or you are interested in helping me in anyway, please let me know cause i am about to put my plan into action!

Much love  x x x


Hello! I'm new to this group and so i come bearing gifts. They aren't of cassidy but they are of dean winters so i thought you might enjoy them. I'm not a pro so there's no text. Feel free to do what you want with them but please credit me! Thanx :)

Check them out at my journal (cause i dont know how to post them to your site like with cuts and stuff. If you would like to inform me you're more than welcome!)  sphinxtress
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I made some new SVU icons. Lots of Cassidy and some of Stabler. It's just my newfound love for Dean. I will be making some more Chris related icons soon. :)
You know the drill. No hotlinking. Please Credit if you want to use. Comments are always appreciated. Thanks.

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